Cable Bus System Cost Savings

For Immediate Release

January 23, 2009

MP Husky Cable Bus System  Saves Money Versus Non-Seg Bus Duct,

Conduit & Wire, and Cable in Tray.

MP Husky Cable Bus Power Distribution Systems  are engineered and manufactured for superior reliability as well as to utilize less conductive material, providing significant savings versus non-segregated phase bus duct, conduit and wire, and other electrical feeders.  And as copper prices have continued to remain at historically high levels, the savings clients realize are even greater and more important.  MP Husky Cable Bus incorporates a fully ventilated housing which allows the system to achieve a free air rating on the conductor for nearly every system rated from 600V to 69kV, 1600 Amps – 6000 Amps.  Due to the free air rating MP Husky Cable Bus achieves, the system can utilize up to 40% less conductive material than similarly rated bus duct, conduit and wire, and cable in tray systems.  This means significant cost savings on the system without sacrificing reliability.  In fact, the system is field proven for over 50 years to be the most reliable power distribution system, with installations in nearly every industry and in the most extreme indoor and outdoor environments.  MP Husky Cable Bus is the unmatched standard for Cost Effective and Reliable electrical busways.

MP Husky, the leading manufacturer of Cable Bus Power Distribution Systems & Cable Tray Support Systems, was founded in 1955 and has over 30 Representative locations throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Puerto Rico, Chile, Korea and throughout the world.  Our home office is in Greenville, South Carolina.  Cable Tray types include ladder cable trays, channel cable trays, trough cable trays, single rail cable trays, solid bottom cable trays, fiberglass cable trays & wire mesh (wire basket) cable trays.  Cable Bus systems include Aluminum, HDGAF and Stainless Steel Housings utilizing Copper and Aluminum Conductors.  Cable Bus voltage and ampere ratings are from 600V (480V) – 69kV, 800A – 6000A.  Accessories including boxes, bus duct, bus bars, electrical busways, clamps, separators, channels, conduit drop-outs, connectors, fasteners, covers, fittings, guides, hangers, splices, wall brackets, supports, electrical feeders & splice plates are available.  Capabilities include in-house lab testing, custom fabrication, engineering & designing.  Industries include automotive, data centers, renewable energy, Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) Systems, mining, oil & gas, banking, chemical plants, nuclear, construction, power plants, solar, plastics, food & beverage, hospitals, primary metals, petrochemical, water treatment facilities, commercial, retail & pharmaceutical.

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