NEMA VE2 Cable Tray Installation

NEMA VE2 Cable Tray Installation

NEMA stands for the National Electrical Manufacturer's Association. NEMA ratings are standards that define the types of environments an electrical enclosure can be used in. VE2 is a NEMA standard that outlines cable tray installation practices, material control, and unloading/storage standards. As a charter member of NEMA, MP Husky is committed to producing only the highest quality cable tray products that meet or exceed NEMA VE2 specifications for cable tray installation


The NEMA VE2 publication was written by a committee of member cable tray companies and defines the industry standard for cable tray installation. The publication is intended as a practical guide for proper installation of cable tray systems.


Section 1 "Scope" includes safety precautions, definitions of cable tray installation terms, reference standards and receiving and unloading tray when it arrives at the job site.

Section 2 "Storage" covers cable tray installation storage suggestions for different material types of tray, to preserve and protect the tray.

Section 3 "Installation" covers all aspects of cable tray installation from the basics to pulling cable. This section starts out covering areas where cable tray cannot be installed and then covers the basic tools required for cable tray installation. From here it goes into the many types of supports and details how to install them. Key areas such as where to locate supports for straight sections and fittings as well as where to locate splice joints are covered next. Charts are included to calculate how often expansion joints are required and how to properly set the gap for expansion connectors as well as locations for hold down clamps and expansion guides. This section also covers many of the accessories used during cable tray installation such as horizontal or vertical hinge connectors, reducing splice plates, box connectors, dropouts, covers, etc. Details show how to mark and cut tray for field modifications. The use of bonding jumpers and requirements are also covered.  This section covers the grounding of cable trays and the use of cable tray as an equipment ground conductor.

Section 4 "Installation of Cable" explains how to receive, store and pull cable properly during the installation of cable tray. Information in this section goes into how to protect the cable, reel braking, pulling tensions, pulling around curves and cable pulling tools. Suggestions are given on securing cables to the tray and how often they should be fastened.

Section 5 "Maintenance" is the final section covers inspecting, removing inactive cables and adding cables to existing cable trays.

NEMA VE2 cable tray installation guidelines are used for all types and materials of cable tray such as ladder, trough, center rail, wire basket in aluminum, steel or fiberglass material.

NEMA VE2 is available as a free download from