Cable Bus Features & Benefits

Cable Bus


  • Our system utilized continuous runs of power cable (no faulty splices) from termination to termination.
  • MP Husky utilizes high quality, factory tested cables.
  • Polymer cable support blocks will not decay, rot or lose structural integrity for 50+ years.
Cable Bus

Lowest Cost

  • Free Air Rating allows greater ampacity with less conductors, achieving significant cost savings.
  • Substantial savings on materials and installation costs compared to other systems.
  • In addition to utilizing the least amount of space reduced fittings provide easier, more cost effective and precise connections.
Cable Bus

Flexible & Adaptable

  • Unlike non-segregated bus duct, MP Husky Cable Bus systems are easily adjusted in the field to accommodate misplaced equipment that often occurs during construction.
  • Easily routed around unforeseen field obstructions (i.e. piping, structural steel, equipment, etc.)
  • Our extensive custom fabrication capabilities ensure that we can manufacture a system to meet all your difficult coordination challenges.
Cable Bus

Free Air Rating for Conductors

  • Up to 40% less conductors are needed to carry fully rated current.
  • Minimum temperature rise due to ventilated enclosure and maintained cable spacing by custom support blocks.
  • Maximum ampacity in accordance with ICEA listings for 90 degree Celsius rated conductors.
Cable Bus

Indoor or Outdoor Applications

  • Utilized for indoor or outdoor applications.
  • No special finishes are required with housing utilizing non-corrosive marine grade aluminum.
  • Excellent protection against adverse environments including Paper Mills, Fossils, Chemical Plants, Cold, hot and Tropical locations.
  • Suitable for food processing and data centers as well.
Cable Bus

Labor Savings

  • Cables run in parallel throughout entire bus housing.
  • Our system does not interleave or transpose cables in the bus housing.
  • Lightweight, ventilated enclosure that two people can easily lift 12’ or 24’ sections into position.
  • No special heavy erection equipment required.
Cable Bus


  • MP Husky Cable Bus is an all welded rigid construction.
  • Contractors are free of shock hazards - no exposed buselements, only insulated conductors used.
  • Ventilated design prevents entry of foreign objects.
  • Support block design assures proper cable support and complete restraint during short circuit conditions.
Cable Bus

Less Support Material

  • Design criteria accomplishes high load carrying ability on long spans with minimal support material
  • Flush bottom design allows for use of standard support material.
Cable Bus

Proper Phase Balance

  • MP Husky utilizes an Inductive Reactance Program to achieve the proper cable spacing and phasing arrangement that ensures low impedance and low voltage drop.
  • Balanced load carrying of conductors prevents over-heating of cables.
  • Cable support blocks provide continuous maintained spacing.
Cable Bus

Testing and Certification

  • Certified to CSA/ANSI 22.2 #273:19 (Cablebus).
  • UL Classified as an equipment ground.
  • Actual Heat Rise Tests on widest range of system ratings.
  • Actual Short Circuit Test up to 120kA RMS Symmetrical.
  • Actual Heat Rise Test verifying MP Husky Cable Bus in trench applications.
  • Actual Load Tests confirm structural capability of housing, including up to 20’-0” spans.
Cable Bus

Match-Marked Layout Drawings

  • Cable Bus system layout drawings are shipped complete with match-marked numbers that correspond to each Cable Bus section.
  • Product labels utilize large items numbers to facilitate quick product location and installation.
Cable Bus

Vertical Bracing System

  • Stainless Steel bolts not required during installation.
  • Makes vertical and horizontal pulls easier, Thus reducing labor Costs.
Cable Bus

Factory Fabricated - All Welded

  • Bottom cable support block is factory pre-installed in Cable Bus Housing.
  • Entire system is factory fabricated to fit the specific requirements of each individual project.
  • All welded constructed for maximum strength.
  • All welders are AWS Certified.
Cable Bus

Engineering Services

  • Experienced all knowledgeable engineering group that can handle difficult coordination challenges.
  • Engineering support prior to and during engineering and construction, as well as during and after start-up.
Cable Bus

Complete System

  • MP Husky Cable Bus systems are complete with all necessary fittings for direction and elevation changes.
  • Termination boxes, equipment flanges, firestops, and wall seals.
  • Lugs and termination kits for MV systems.