Solar Cable Tray

Solar Cable Tray

Solar Cable Tray from MP Husky is designed to meet the unique requirements of the solar industry.  Providing cable protection, cable support, and wire management, MP Husky solar cable tray systems and solar cable support systems are engineered for utility solar mounting applications. Husky Solar Cable Tray systems are effective in long span and short span solar panel arrangements, and are both easy to assemble and cost effective. Manufactured from either galvanized steel, aluminum, or stainless steel,  MP Husky solar cable trays will stand up to the harshest environments.

MP Husky is the industry leader in cable tray systems with 60 years of experience designing, manufacturing and installing cable tray systems worldwide.  With the most installations in more industries and environments, MP HUSKY is the trusted and proven leader you can count on.


MP Husky Solar Cable Tray meets NEMA Requirements

  • UL & CSA Certified Solar Cable Tray Systems
  • Engineered with Installer Friendly components for a fast, simple installation
  • Corrosion Resistant Solar Cable Tray Systems for any environment, including the harshest environments around the world.
  • Solar Cable Tray application solutions for Ground Mount Solar Systems, Roof Mount Solar Systems and Utility Scale Solar Systems
  • Materials available: Aluminum, Mill-galvanized Steel, Steel HDGAF, Stainless Steel, PVC-coated Aluminum or Steel, Ganvanized or Stainless Wire Mesh
  • Load Depths: 1 3/8" through 10"