Cable Bus System Components

Voltage Ratings


MP Husky Cable Bus Features

  • Engineered System with Inductive Reactance Program; results for average phase impedance available upon request for the design engineer.
  • High fault capacity. Cable Bus is tested up to 200kA RMS Symmetrical.
  • Lowest installation cost of any cable bus duct on the market, with the industry exclusive straight cable rungs. No cable transpositions within the housing, regardless of run length. Installation savings of 10% to 25%, depending on run length and cable size.
  • Widest available range of Voltage Class and Ampere Ratings in the industry.
  • CSA/ANSI C22.2 No. 273:19.
  • UL Classified as an equipment ground.

Indoor Connection Flanges

Indoor connection flanges are used to connect the cable bus housing to indoor electrical equipment (switchgear, motor control center, etc.)

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Flexible Boots

Flexible Boots are used to connect onto walls or any equipment where vibration, or slight movement is of concern. Flexible Boots can be engineered with In-door Connection Flanges or Environmental Seals on the Cable Bus connection side.

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Flexible Boot Application View


Flexible Boot Application View


Compression Seal Flanges

Compression seals are used when a watertight seal is required, but no fire rating is needed. Neoprene modules are inserted after the cables are installed for a water-tight seal and ease of pulling.

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Fire rated MCT seals are used when a fire rated and watertight seal is required. Neoprene modules are inserted after the cables are installed for ease of pulling. They carry a 2 hour fire rating and come with all necessary hardware.

Neoprene modules for use with Roxtec frames. Provide Multidiameter™, the Roxtec technology based on removable layers, for perfect adaptation to a cable.

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Termination Boxes

Transformer termination boxes, switchgear/MCC top hats, and other junction boxes designed and supplied by MP Husky guarantee the needed space to properly transpose the phases and terminate the conductors to the electrical equipment. Standard termination boxes are aluminum welded angle frame construction with bolted, removable side panels and welded fixed panels as needed. Outdoor boxes use gasketed removable panels, fully seam welded fixed panels, and an ESF type seal to ensure a weatherproof enclosure.

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Environmental Seal Flanges

These fittings form a weatherproof seal with equipment/walls and can also be used for floor penetrations.
Conductors are sealed with RTV silicone sealant. Entrance fittings are furnished with all necessary hardware.

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