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MP Husky is a founding member of the USA Cable Tray Institute and the leader in US cable tray systems and cable support systems. Over the past 55+ years, MP Husky US Cable Tray has engineered and manufactured the most reliable, highest quality, cost effective and innovative cable trays systems available. MP Husky Manufactures the following types of Cable Tray Systems: Aluminum , Mill Galvanized Steel , Hot-Dipped Galvanized Steel , Stainless Steel, Fiberglass , PVC Coated , Single Rail , and Wire Mesh Wire Basket cable trays. Our cable tray systems meet or exceed all the NEMA, UL, CTI, and CSA standards and are utilized in nearly every industry.

All cable tray suppliers are not the same. See for yourself why more Engineers, Owners, Contractors and Distributors prefer the reliability, strength and personal service that only MP Husky USA cable trays can provide!

csa ladder cable tray

Ladder Cable Tray


Solid Bottom Cable Tray


Perforated Cable Tray


Fiberglass Cable Tray

Cable Way

Husky Way Cable Tray

Channel Cable Tray Systems

Channel Cable Tray

csa ladder cable tray

I Beam Cable Tray


Husky EMI Cable Tray

ladder cable tray

Aluminum Cable Tray

ladder aluminum cable tray

Steel Cable Tray


Solar Cable Tray

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MP Husky Cable Tray is available worldwide via our network of authorized cable tray agents.

Cable Tray CSA Certifications

MP Husky Cable Tray is a founding member of the Cable Tray Institute. Founded in 1991 CTI & MP Husky support the cable tray industry through joint research, development, education, and the publication of information developed to promote, enhance, and increase the usability of the cable tray.

Cable Tray Supplier Brochures

Our full line of cable tray and cable tray accessories are available in a downloadable brochure that can be accessed by clicking the link below.