Cable Tray Supports & Clamps

Cable Tray Support

MP Husky Cable Tray support is engineered to provide rigid structural support and control for a variety of industrial and commercial installations. Since cable tray support is used in a wide variety of applications, and under varying conditions, it is important that you gain an understanding of cable tray clamps & support systems.

Cable Tray Clamps

MP Husky cable tray clamps are the most reliable, highest quality, and cost effective cable tray clamps in the industry. Proper cable tray support is an integral part of any installation, and having the best cable tray clamps around ensures the best support for your application.

Grounding Clamps

Type GBM high copper alloy cable tray clamps hold a single through cable directly on the cable tray surface. Grounding clamps have a copper alloy cast body with durium bolts, nuts, and washers. Tin plating is also available for these clamps.

Hold Down / Expansion Guide

(For All Ladder Cable Tray Types)
These special heavy duty tray hold down cable tray clamps and expansion guides are ideal for fastening tray to C-Channels and beams, such as those found on bridges. They are easy to install and reduce field labor costs since the beam clamp set screws eliminates the need to drill the C-Channel.

Heavy Duty Hold Down Clamp

These heavy duty hold down cable tray clamps can be used to attach the cable tray to most surfaces by field drilling holes into the side of the tray and the mounting surface. Hardware for attaching to tray is included.

Beam C-Clamp

C-Clamps allow the direct support of hanger rods on I-beams, wide flange beam sections and angles and are supplied in unfinished iron. These cable tray clamps have a max allowable load of 400 lbs.

I-Beam Clamp

This wide-flanged cable tray clamp is furnished with or without a hook bolt in lengths to accommodate 6" through 12" wide beams up to 3/4" thick. These cable tray clamps have a maximum allowable load of 300 lbs.

Channel Clamp

Channel cable tray clamp assemblies can be used on all American Standard channels with a flange width of 3-1/4" or less. They are furnished in zinc plated steel with our without a swivel joint. These cable tray clamps have a maximum allowable load of 500 lbs.

HD Channel Clamp

HP single and back to back strut type support channels are attached to structural beams with a 0.8" maximum flange thickness. Clamps are furnished with the required hardware. These cable tray clamps have a maximum allowable load of 1,275 lb