NEMA VE1 Cable Tray

NEMA VE1 Cable Tray

NEMA stands for the National Electrical Manufacturer’s Association. NEMA ratings are standards that define the types of environments an electrical enclosure can be used in. VE1 is a NEMA standard that defines manufacturing, performance, and testing standards for cable tray systems. As a charter member of NEMA, MPHusky is committed to producing only the highest quality products that meet or exceed NEMA VE1 specifications.

NEMA VE1 CSA C22.2 No 126.1

This is a bi-national standard known as NEMA VE1 in the USA and CSA C22.2 No 126.1 in Canada. The standard is a manufacturing publication written by the CANENA Technical Harmonization committee for metallic cable tray to set guidelines for manufacturing and testing cable tray.

NEMA VE1 CSA C22.2 No. 126.1

Section 1 “Scope” The standard defines the requirements for metallic cable tray and fittings to comply with the National Electrical Code and the Canadian Electrical Code.

Section 2 “Definitions and Abbreviations”   Definitions of the many parts and terms used in cable tray applications and abbreviations of terms used in the standard.

Section 3 “General” Covers reference publications used in cable tray.

Section 4 “Construction” Construction lists material types and finishes for cable tray plus defines dimensions and tolerances.

Section 5 “Tests”   Electrical continuity test and load testing procedures are covered including the residual deflection method and destruction load test. The load test section gives methods and defines the weights that can be used the tray setup and load patterns. A formula for interpolating test data from the tested span to shorter spans is also provided.

Section 6 “Product Marking, Information and Installation”  This section defines the marking of the tray such as the manufacturers name or trademark, ventilated or non-ventilated, the load and span rating, (NEMA Class), type of material and finish, minimum cross-sectional area for use as an EGC and a warning statement about not using the tray as a walkway. Also included is a statement that tray should be installed in accordance with NEMA VE-2 and a table of NEMA and CSA load classes.

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