Cable Busway

Cable Busway Power Distribution Systems

Cable Busway is a flexibe cable bus duct power distribution system that provides a high degree of reliability and efficiency in both low amperage and high amperage applications.

Cable Busway Installation Flexibility

Cable Busway provides a high degree of installation flexibility. MP Husky has installed cable busway systems in a wide variety of applications and can customize the system to meet your unique power distribution and configuration requirements

Cable Busway Enclosures

Cable Busway systems are fully enclosed and can be installed in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Cable Busway Maintenance

Cable busway power distributions systems are virtually maintenence free. Requiring periodic visual inspection and bolt tightening

Cable Busway Reliability

Cable Busway from MP Husky is a highly reliable power distribution system conforming to CSA, UL, and NEMA specifications and certifications