Tested. Proven. Trusted.


  • Confidence with the most tested Cable Bus design on the market
  • Actual Short Circuit Tests up to 120kA RMS Symmetrical
  • Actual Heat Rise Tests on widest range of system ratings
  • Actual Heat Rise Test verifying MP Husky Cable Bus in trench applications
  • Actual Load Tests confirm structural capability of housing, including 20’ spans


  • Established market leader with OVER 60 YEARS of experience
  • No known failures with thousands of installations around the world
  • Real cost savings and industry renowned reliability
  • Field proven in the harshest of environments
  • Unmatched installation flexibility to accommodate field obstacles and changes


  • Reliable partner to world class Owners and Engineering & Construction firms
  • Licensed Professional Engineering staff
  • Customer loyalty due to superior service & quality
  • Dependable partner that is re-investing and debt free
  • Comprehensive fabricating capabilities ensure dependable, quality construction
  • Quality System is ISO Compliant, 100% Certified Welders
Cable Bus Customization