Cable Bus System

Type BC Box Connectors

Aluminum or Slainless Steel Box connectors are used to terminate Cable Bus Systems at switchgear or other metal structures, are designed for both indoor and outdoor applications, and are furnished with all the necessary stainless steel hardware.


Type EP Watertight Seals

These fittings form a weatherproof seal with walls for both indoor and outdoor cable bus systems applications and can also be used for floor penetrations that must be watertight. Conductors are sealed with RTV silicone sealant. Entrance fittings are furnished with all necessary stainless steel hardware.



FS-RGS seals are used where an absolutely watertight fitting is required. Neoprene blocks are inserted after the cables are installed for ease of pulling. They are UL Listed for a 2 and 3 hour fire rating, suitable for indoor or outdoor applications and come with all necessary stainless steel hardware.


Type TB Tap Boxes

Tap boxes allow for intermediate load tapping. The design provides system voltage rated air separation between live parts and adjacent surfaces to eliminate the necessity tapping all energized components. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications the box consists of:

  • Aluminum or Stainless Steel framed enclosure
  • Removable covers (gasketed for outdoor applications)
  • Porcelain post stand off insulators Bus bars

Electrical Connectors

Connectors are supplied for terminating cables at equipment and tap boxes, and for the apparatus equipment with studs.


Cable Terminating Kits

Termination materials are supplied for all stainless steel and aluminum Cable Bus systems of 5KV and above. Tape and heat shrinkable kits are available for high voltage terminations up to 35KV. All kits are supplied with illustrated instruction sheets.