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MP Husky offers a wide variety of cable tray covers to provide protection for the cables contained within the system from sunlight, environmental elements, dirt, debris, and falling objects. All of the covers listed here are used for indoor as well as outdoor applications. Covers are fabricated from corrosion resistant aluminum, mill-galvanized steel, galvannealled and 304 or 316 stainless steel. Although not recommended, covers can be supplied in HDGAF steel on request (some distortion may occur when dipping). Most covers are supplied in standard 12 foot lengths and are available in five or six foot lengths upon request. HDGAF covers are supplied in five or six foot lengths, and 18GA material is required. 


Flat and Flat Flanged

Flat and Flat Flanged Flat covers are economical and available for all straight sections and fittings. These covers are available flat without flanges or flat with 3/8” flanges for Husky Trough, Husky Ladder, and Husky Way. Flat flanged covers should be used on all 4” and 6” wide channel applications requiring covers.



Hat-shaped covers are designed to protect installations where the cables extend above the upper flanges of the tray. Hat-shaped covers are available with a flat solid top or a corrugated ventilated top and in 2” or 4” height.



Louvered covers are available for all straight sections and are available as Flat, Flat Flanged, or Hat Shaped.



Peaked covers are available for straight sections only and are generally used to deflect falling objects or to prevent the accumulation of snow or other debris. Standard peak height is 1/2”, however, higher peaks are available upon request.



Corrugated covers are made of ventilated or non-ventilated corrugated sheets. Corrugated covers are rigid, lightweight and will readily form to vertical fittings, with the exception of Husky Ladder Flange-Out style. All covers for horizontal fittings are made of non-ventilated (solid) flat sheets without a flange. 

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